The Governing Board at The Willows Primary School

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 Governance Update for Terms 3 and Terms 4 2018 from the Chair of Governors

I joined the Governing Board in January 2018, and have recently been elected as Chair of the Board. I have known The Willows school for some years, and am delighted to be formally involved with its wonderful children, dedicated staff, inspirational Executive Head teacher and very hard working governors!

 What are governors currently doing?

The small team of 8 is meeting very regularly in order to be able to do all the work that is required of governors! Indeed the full governing board has already met three times since January!  The Department for Education sets out what we have to do.  All governors have to have DBS checks and take Safeguarding training as well.  We have a new Clerk – Nicki Cother who is very experienced and she is helping to ensure that governors have all the paperwork that is required.

A small group of governors is monitoring the progress that pupils are making across the school and looking closely at the changes that are taking place in the classrooms.  This work includes scrutinising data and statistics very carefully as well as understanding the approaches being used in teaching.

The Executive Head teacher and his team have introduced a really effective Behaviour Policy, which has had a massive impact across the school. Please do ask your children about it! Have they told you about yellow cards?

Staff have also changed the way they approach planning their work, and how they assess the learning your children are doing.

Another group of governors has prepared the recruitment information for advertising for a new full time Head Teacher. We hope there will be many applications and plan to hold interviews at the end of March.  We will of course let you know what happens! These governors have also looked at some of the statutory policies that a school must have.

Governors have introduced a Finance Committee, which has to very carefully scrutinise the monies the school spends. All schools face financial challenges, as there is not enough money in the system. Mr Micklewhite is working hard with his team to ensure that your children get the very best provision that is possible.

Other governors have visited the school to look at specific aspects of school life, including Health and Safety, how Pupil Premium money is used and how our SEN children are provided for. Some governors have also attended training sessions.

We have two more full governing board meetings planned for Term 4 as well as making visits and of course completing the interviews for Head teacher.  I can assure you that a great team of governors is working very hard indeed.

I would like to close this first update to you with a great success story!

In term 3, exclusions fell from 191 days last year to 0! Well done staff and most importantly well done to your children!

Michele Blain

Chair of Governors and National Leader of Governors.



If you would like to find out more about the running of the school, please feel free to contact the Headteacher or the Chair of Governors, but general questions should be forwarded to the school office in the first instance. Our Chair of Governors is always happy to meet and talk with parents or other members of the local community. If you would like to contact any of our governors please do so via Mrs Cother (Clerk to Governors) in the school office, by e-mail to or if confidential please put a letter in a sealed envelope marked “private and confidential” and send it to the Chair of Governors care of the school office.

Mike Steer
Associate Member
John Micklewhite
Headteacher Governor
Peter Rimmer
Co-opted Governor
Stephen Teasdale
Co-opted Governor
William Drummond
Local Authority Governor