At The Willows Primary School we enjoy working with other organisations to improve our children’s learning experiences. As our Headteacher is a National leader of Education (NIE), we are often involved in supporting other schools.

In the past we have worked in close partnership with Hampstead Norreys Primary School as we shared our headteacher. This collaboration took place between November 2009 and ended in July 2014.

We have also worked closely with Lambourn C of E Primary School with our former Executive Headteacher.

We continue to collaborate informally with a range of other partnerships including schools in The Downland Federation with whom we have strong links. We work closely with our 3 feeder secondary schools and other local schools.

We recognise the importance of building strong community links therefore we have developed positive relationships with St Mary’s Church, Greenham, The Community Youth Project and other youth organisations, the parish council and the community wardens.