Caroline Whittle


Caroline Whittle

I am married and have two children; one of which is at this school, a dog called Wilson (she’s an old English sheep dog) and I love to read detective stories.

I graduated first time around from Sunderland University where I studied Biotechnology and Microbiology, using these skills I worked for Unilever in their research centre just outside London. Next I worked as a Microbiologist for several years in different parts of the UK looking after water quality.

Immediately before coming into teaching I worked as an industrial chemist – a very interesting job especially around Christmas….

After this and just before I had both of my children I trained to be a teacher completing a second degree in Education with a specialism in SEN,  whilst moving house twice!

I’ve been a qualified teacher for  10 years now and have worked in several different settings and different age groups. At my last school I taught Year 5/6 so this year will be great fun.